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25 Novembro 2014

About the Author

Lúcio Lampreia

Co-founder of unexpected, in his previous experience he was Operations Manager of Tracy Human Performance and General Manager of Egor Consulting. He holds regular speaking engagements for national conferences and clients’ events for the topics of organizational change and leadership. His work had dedicated programmes in national leading radio (TSF) and TV (SIC Notícias, SIC Mulher) channels. He is regularly interviewed as a leadership expert in the Portuguese HR press and he is also the author of the book MUDE (Change yourself before the market changes you) recently published by LEYA the major Publisher Group in Portugal. In his consultancy activity, he directly trained over 20.000 managers in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Angola and Check Republic. Lucio holds accreditations as Professional Certified Coach, Situational Leadership and Self Leadership by Ken Blanchard, and Complex Sales. He is a Mind Gym coach since 2006 and collaborates with MAST and Maximum Performance International as trainer for international projects.